The subject of auras has been around a long time and much has been written about it.  However, it’s meaning and interpretation has in my opinion, become diluted in today’s world.  That being said, it is very broad and open to interpretation.

I have been walking the spiritual path for many years and one thing I have come to realise is that the soul has a language of its own.  It is the language of “love”.  It is through the aura drawing that this can be expressed in its highest and purest form. 

Colour Your Soul is the embodiment of art and spirituality.  Not only is the aura drawing unique, it is also a testament and visual symbol of your soul bond. 

I then customise this into beautiful wall art which you can have in your home as well as it becoming a focal point of your special day and threaded into the design of your new tiered cake, stationery, printed cards, decorations, bespoke invitations, place settings etc.  It is very personal, unique, meaningful and integral to the most important day of your life!

The aura drawing is versatile and blends in with any theme, venue or setting. Every couple is different and each relationship is special therefore your custom wedding decor can reflect this.

Depending on the colours selected, which can be soft, delicate, bold or expressive, myself and my team can create whatever style, feel and look that you envisage for the occasion.  Remember the drawing is about you, your personalities and the love that you share. 

Choose anything from our intimate range of bespoke products or if there is anything that you would like made as an addition to your existing theme, we can customise this for you.

Our Range of Bespoke Products:

Customised labels


Custom wedding cake decoration

Custom ring cushion

Custom dream catchers

Custom candles

Handmade flowers

Custom wall art

Colour Your Soul prides itself on our personalised service as we endeavour to make your day an unforgettable experience. 

Prices start from £110.00