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Welcome to this page where I am delighted to share my soul activation cards offering insight and guidance on your journey of spiritual enlightenment. Pick a card that you are most drawn to, look at the image and allow its energy to flow through your consciousness.  

Then sit back, relax and listen to our words of wisdom. I hope that you enjoy it and it brings the insight you need.

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“Lorren has such amazing talents, she creates gorgeous soul art whilst listening to the wisdom she receives. I have never had an experience quite like it. I love that I get to keep the art work and can be reminded of this experience for years to come. Lorren is compassionate, understanding, honest, tuned in and has gorgeous energy. I highly recommend a soul activation reading with Lorren. You might be pleasantly surprised where it takes you”. Kama – New Zealand.

“Lorren is amazing, open, truthful and kind. She explains in detail and she is a great listener. Great experience and the very best help to me. Thank you very much.” Janette – UK.

“Really enjoyed the whole session. Lorren really connected spiritually. The reading was incredible – so many names came through and the drawing at the end was stunning. An explosion of colours”. Jacky – UK.