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Soul Activation Readings

Do you feel like you are looking for answers?

Would you like to feel empowered or inspired?

My Soul Activation Cards have been created to help expand your imagination, tap into higher consciousness and deepen your intuition.

These Unique Energy Imprints represent the soul’s template in accordance with the divine and universal consciousness and have been created to bring you back into alignment with your higher self.

If you draw a card from this deck, you are either a vibrational match to the frequency you have drawn, or you will benefit from the frequency that you have drawn.

The deck contains 44 frequency cards (size: 9 x 12.5cm).  There is no guidebook or “meanings” to the cards as this is your journey and they will help you connect with your own intuition.

You may wish to meditate, practice healing, holistic therapy or simply be with them so that their pure vibration may align with yours.  Use them in spreads, lay them around you, have them in your space, place on your altar or use them as a tool for dream work as you sleep.

Once the cards are in your possession you will know what to do.  For further guidance or information please feel free to contact me directly.




Soul Activation Cards

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Card Deck
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Reading & Card Deck
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Reading & Drawing
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Reading, Drawing & Card Deck
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2 Day Workshop & Card Deck

“The cards came into being after experiencing an awakening over two years ago when I was touched by an angel.  Since then I have been drawing and channelling these images which are encoded with pure, divine light.  They have been manifested into reality in order to raise the vibration of those who come into contact with them.  I hope that when you do work with them that you get as much peace and joy as I do.  May the frequency of love be with you forever”.                 Lorren Kenny


My intensive two day workshops are designed to activate your light frequency and matrix of divine wisdom.  You will experience the power of meditation, connect with the chakra system and heighten your senses.  We explore a number of intuitive techniques and other amazing methods to enhance your psychic abilities.  By the end of the workshop you will feel more confident in using the cards by gaining wisdom and insights for yourself and others.

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