Animal Art

Hi, I am Lorren and I am a wildlife realism artist, specialising in pan pastel and pastel pencil drawings.    Many of my artworks are lovingly created, capturing the very essence, soul and spirit of my subjects. As much as I strive for perfection, there is nothing more rewarding then seeing an animal come to life on paper. 

“Drawing is an expression of who I am and for me must be a free and enjoyable process.  It is not all about the detail as there is imperfection in perfection.  What matters is that the person connects with the subject and when they do, there is a lasting impression”.   

I have been drawing, painting and experimenting in other mediums for over 30 years, now working from my studio in Hertfordshire.  Since discovering the pastels I have never looked back.

I enjoy drawing anything from cats, dogs, birds, lions, tigers and more.  Art has been my passion from an early age having grown up in South Africa with a close connection to animals which have played an important role in my life. 

My drawings consist of lions, tigers, leopards, bears birds and other wildlife. I also specialise in pet commissions which brings so much joy and memories to be cherished forever. 

A little bit about how I work:  

Each original takes many hours of layering, detail work and care, including the sourcing of images which need to be of a high quality.  It is also important that the subject resonates with me and that I feel a connection.

I begin the drawing process by creating an outline to ensure proportions are correct and that everything is in the correct place.  Once I have this down I begin in a particular area depending on what feels comfortable at the time.  I might begin with the ear, eye or top of the head and work my way down.  There is no set formula for how I work and I usually go with the flow.  I then build up the under-layers using either pastel sticks or pencils.  I have created my own technique which is something that has developed over time which is what works for me.   It is important to me as an artist to have my own style and not emulate others.

I sometimes can’t wait to get stuck into a drawing as it is so exciting to see it unfold and take shape, however this takes time and patience.

Every drawing takes anywhere between 6 to 24 hours to complete depending on the size and level of detail.  If I start a drawing I try not to drag it out too long as otherwise I lose my connection and interest.  It is therefore important to be consistent and keep my creativity flowing.