My name is Lorren and I am an intuitive energy artist, psychic, empath and creative medium.

For the last 12 months I have been designing and channelling a diverse and unique range of images which I have been guided to convert into a deck of cards (44 in total).

I believe that these images carry within them a vibrational frequency which aligns with the energy fields of those who come into contact with them.

They are incredibly tactile and once that connection is made, one is drawn to look, see, feel and contemplate them on a visual, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

My background

I was born and raised in South Africa and immigrated overseas at the age of 24.  I have been living in the UK since 1998.

I have always been creative and from the age of 3 was able to play the piano by ear as well as draw and paint. I did not really understand the merit of my gifts and like anything else took them for granted.  I have studied graphic and interior design however I did not pursue these as a career and have been working as a secretary for the last 21 years.

In 2013 my life took on a new direction at which point I was prompted to explore spirituality on a deeper level and was drawn to various healing modalities, I set up my own massage practice in 2016 at which point I became enlightened with the idea of combining my art with spirituality and this has since taken over as I know it is my calling!

I now do readings in groups and with individuals using angel cards where I combine my art with mysticism. The experience is cathartic as I simultaneously channel and create a hand drawn image during the session, capturing ones aura and essence.  I also spontaneously draw as and when I am prompted to do so.

About Soul Activation Readings

Soul activation readings is the combination of art and mysticism which allows for deep contemplation of the subconscious and spiritual self so as to unlock your potential and connect to your truth.